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About us

Let's fly back into the past with the symbolic spaceship: 2022. Back then, I, Jana Benninger, and Gayathri Albert were lucky enough to be able to found the Zurich art fair "Art in the Laboratory". The art fair is small and takes place monthly in Labor5 at Schiffbau. Due to the success with art in the laboratory, it quickly became clear that this concept needed to be scaled up. Gaya soon left the team to focus on her studies. In the meantime, I founded the company Golden Cube GmbH - a company for artistic productions, which now manages Art in the Laboratory and KOMETA. 

​I am and have never been a big fan of many of the customs and norms in today's art scene. It's more like a lottery than a functioning art society.

I am aware that there has to be sorting out in the arts. However, for me this often happens too randomly and the focus is often not on the art, but on the portfolio of successes. For example, if you have already exhibited in a well-known gallery because the director of this gallery happens to be your own uncle, your chances of becoming an art star have increased significantly. ​

I miss a place where art is celebrated in its purest form. Where value is placed on the story behind it and this is admired. A place where artists are given active support. A place where little value is placed on name, celebrity and all other meta information. A place where everyone, regardless of status, has a chance. ​


The KOMETA should offer this space.​


How nice it would be if KOMETA offered artists many new opportunities.

Our team

Jana benninger

Jana Benninger
Founder & CEO

Stefani Doycheva

Stefani Doycheva

Viktoria Kovacheva

Viktoria Kovacheva
Head of Editorial

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