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Festival of the Arts

We're different.
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KOMETA is a festival that redefines art by challenging conventions and norms, much like a mysterious black hole that turns the known laws of physics on their head. This is about experiencing art in all its diversity and celebrating the stories it tells. The festival aims to create a new space for the arts that in many ways rebels against the outdated traditions of established art fairs and institutions.


Art is fun, art should open a dialogue, and art and its presentation should not deter. Art should be accessible to everyone.


In the world of KOMETA, performances, writings and music attain the same artistic rank as paintings, drawings and sculptures. Here, art is not about investment or prestige, and its value is not determined by meta-information such as the fame of the artist. In this environment, art reveals its two facets: the visible one, aesthetics, and the invisible one, history. The real value of art comes from this history, and prestige here means owning a work of art whose history touches you.

KOMETA brings together all forms of art under one roof and tries to avoid traditional, white exhibition walls. Instead, the art is carefully embedded in the space, similar to the stars shining in the dark night sky, forming a unity with their surroundings.

This festival places special emphasis on illuminating the stories of the artists and their artworks, far more than simply mentioning their names. The focus here is not on gallery representation or an impressive portfolio. KOMETA focuses on the creativity of the artists and offers them the opportunity to present their work in a space that celebrates art in its purest form.

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